Windows - The Big Yellow Cursors

If you are like me, you lose track of the mouse at times, such as when you blink, look away from the screen, etc..

Here are some cursor graphics you can use in Windows to make seeing the mouse a little easier.

Yes, they may look a little old fashioned, but they stand out nicely when using a variety of applications.

I have used these on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. They may also work on earlier versions of Windows

Here is how you install them.

1. Download the Cursors.

Click here to download the cursors.

2. When you see the list of files, extract all the files to: c:\windows\cursors

3. Select Mouse Properties.

4. Go to the Mouse Settings Window.

Cursor Name


File name as found in c:\windows\cursors

Normal Select

Large Yellow

Help Select


Working in Background




Link Select


Text Select

beam_* (try various ones – these are part of Windows7 already)

You are all set. If you have multiple users set up on your PC, each user that wishes to use these icons will have to go thru steps 3 and step 4. Steps 1 and 2 only need to be done once for the first user.