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Dr. Bernier - Dedicated Researcher

Moving to London, Ontario

Suzanne always appreciated the work the Arthritis Society does.
Their funding kicked off her research at UWO.
(This was on display in her office on campus)

London Free Press - Friday Sept 4, 1998

The Bernier Lab @ UWO

Working Hard in the Home Office

Presenting a Poster

Suzanne's Lab, the Early Days

Celebration of Cheryle's M.Sc Completion

When teaching, Suzanne used various props, and clips from movies and TV shows
to help provide some long term memories of some of the drier topics. 
Some of the props are shown here.

Suzanne and Julie

Suzanne, Julie and Jason

'Relaxing' in the Family Room at Home.

A page Suzanne kept from a 1982 Calendar

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