Welcome Class of 81!  

Pictures from the 25th Anniversary Reunion -  June 10/11 2006.

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Class of '81 - Class Pictures
Class of '81 - La Jeunesse Fashion Show
Class of '81 - Convocation

QAA History

Janique's Photo Presentation that run thru the evening
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Class of '81 - Getting Ready for the Reunion

Class of '81 - Reunion Pictures - QAA Tours

Class of '81 - Reunion Pictures - The Tea Party

Class of '81 - Reunion Pictures - The Dinner

Class of '81 - Reunion Pictures - The Evening Party

Class of '81 - The Morning After

Standing (left to right):  Lea, Nancy E., Heather, Carolyn, Louise, Judith,
 Janique, Laura, Sarah, Carol, Suzanne M., Christine, Elaine, Claudia
Seated (left to right): Ann-Mae, Sabrina, Terry, Caroline,
 Debbie, Suzanne B., Jane, Lynda