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Suzanne's Leisure Time

In the summer of 2001, London hosted the 2001 Canada Games.
Suzanne volunteered as the morning french speaking announcer on Canada Games Radio
 from 5:30AM till 10AM most days during the games.  She would then head into the lab for the day.

This collage is from Suzanne's time in the US.  She put it together, but unfortunately,
I never saw it until after she passed away, and was unable to ask her about it

1999 Anatomy and Cell Biology Softball Team

Suzanne in all her beauty, just before we went to the 2006 Gold Ball.

Suzanne had won backstage passes for everyone at our table. 
She is seen here with Mary Wilson of the Supremes

Not quite a thatched cottage, but close enough.

Our first visit just after we picked up the keys.  Suzanne is taking notes of supplies needed.

Suzanne and her Dad while reroofing the pool pump house.

From time to time, the pond must be completely cleaned out.


Suzanne always dressed up on Halloween in order to answer the door.  This picture is from her time in the U.S.

She answered the door, and I would provide the scary lights, sound effects and talking heads.

In 2005, she was a 'mad scientist'. 
For those that were interested, she would hand out instructions on how to do simple home experiments.

Halloween 2006

Backyard in the Summer.

Hambugers Anyone?

Out West

On the Ferry

Coming down Whistler Mountain

Whitewater Rafting on the Thompson River

Hey, it's Suzanne in the Water (on the left).

Niagara Falls - Top floor room (free upgrade!)

Maid of the Mist                                                        Journey Behind the Falls

A Pretty Spiffy Couple


Fish Anyone?

Cedar Point - 2003

Vacationing at the Bernier Cottage

And now for some pedal power in the pedalo

Just before her first set of chemo, Suzanne had her hair cut short,
 to make it a little easier when it came time to come out.

...and after the hair is gone.

A great time was had at Storybook Gardens... but they removed 'Hickery Dickery Clock!'.

Suzanne driving her first car one last time before it was traded in.

Suzanne was very creative.  This showed up in the science she did, but it also showed up in other ways: Calligraphy, Framing Pictures, Sewing, Flower Arranging, Creating Preserves...

Our Christmas 2005 Picture with the Winter Fish Pond

Kincardine 2006

Dec. 2001 - Newlywed Bliss

The following two poems were found in a folder with my resume
from 1999, which was shortly after Suzanne and I met.   Why were they together?  Only Suzanne knows...

The man with a dream
A dream so vast and bright.
The career so demanding and upright
the quest of knowledge and happiness.
The latter to come from every day joys
the ability to explor nature, the willingness
to challenge the strengths of mind and matter,
the success of accomplishment
The dream will live as long as it is sought and shared.
Will the dreams change?
of course, the physical aspects of the dream will vary,
but the innermost sentiment will persever and thrive,
pushing itself to a concious level when a dull mood clouds the spirit.
A smile will break, a chuckle will rise, for the man has recaptured the dream.

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